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905 Fort Worth Hwy.


Used Tires

If you are looking for a place to buy good used tires in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Texas Tire Sales is the answer.  If you’ve shopped for or purchased NEW tires recently, then you know that prices have likely skyrocketed compared to the last time you bought tires.

As the new tire prices, along with everything else, continues to increase, many people who are looking for cheap tires are choosing to SAVE HUNDREDS of dollars by buying good USED TIRES instead.

Visit our used tire webite: WWW.USEDTIRESINTEXAS.COM

Texas Tire Sales is not your average used tire shop. We have OVER 6000 QUALITY USED TIRES in stock and for sale with prices starting at $25.00 each. For your peace of mind, every used tire purchased from Texas Tire Sales comes with a FREE 30 DAY WARRANTY covering separations, flats & defects!  We have an impressive selection of the best used tires available at both Texas Tire Sales locations in Fort Worth, TX  and in Weatherford Texas. Our HUGE used tire inventory includes:

  • Used passenger car tires
  • Used light truck tires
  • Used performance tires
  • Used mud tires / 4x4 tires / off road tires
  • Used low profile tires
  • Most major brands
  • Matching sets of 4, pairs of 2 and single used tires
  • Used tires and rims
  • Slightly used take offs

All of our used tire inventory is checked, sorted, cleaned, conditioned, tagged and stored INSIDE of our warehouses prior to sale.

NOTE: We DO NOT store our used tire inventory OUTSIDE where they are exposed to the scorching heat, sun and other elements as many used tire dealers do.

When you buy any used tires at Texas Tire Sales, ther are no hidden extra charges. Every purchase includes:

  • FREE mounting
  • FREE balancing
  • FREE new rubber valve stems
  • NO DISPOSAL FEES on your old tires

Texas Tire Sales is the USED TIRE LEADER in the Fort Worth & Weatherford Texas area.

Feel free to Contact Us for more information!